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Name:Smallville Fanworks
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Community for posting Smallville fanworks
Smallville Fanworks is a community for posting Smallville fanworks (art, fiction, vids, fanmixes, podfics). Currently, the posts are unmoderated, although there are some rules that need to be followed.

Gen or any pairing(s) are allowed.

Posts may be made directly to the community behind cuts or as links to own journal.

Rules (cause for banning or deletion):

1. No bashing or flaming of a poster's works or choice of pairing
2. No searches - this is a fanworks community
3. No meta - this is a fanworks community
4. Initial challenge notifications are allowed, updates in challenge community

Please tag all posts for ease of identification. Tags may be requested as needed.

Use a header to identify the work.

Standard header (adjust as needed)

Type: (art, fiction, vid, podfic, fanmix)
Word Count:

Please pay attention if the mod (that would be me) asks you to change your post to be compliant with the few rules that exist. Play nice and have fun.
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